Llandudno’s Overseas Explorers

This weekend I realised just how popular Llandudno is with visitors from overseas as well as the great British Public

Chandrasekar’s Orme Experience

Chandrasekar is from Chennai in south east India and is working in Leeds for a month. To make the most of his first trip to the UK he decided to take the train and visit Llandudno at the weekend.

Armed with a map he set off on a hybrid bike to explore the town….


He returned with a beaming smile having cycled the Great Orme and up the zig-zags to the summit – which he admitted was a tough climb. He was fascinated by his visit to the ancient copper mines and then rounded up his Orme visit with an exhilarating ride on the toboggan run at the ski slope.  Now that’s what I call a visit to the Great Orme! 🙂

Lisa’s Grand Day Out

Lisa, who lives in Australia is over in the UK visiting her family in Leicestershire and they were all in Llandudno for a special break. Lisa decided to hire a hybrid bike for the day and explore the area…


Lisa took a ride along the promenade and around the Great Orme before meeting her parents for a delicious lunch at The Imperial Hotel where they sat and watched the world go by on the promenade. Post-lunch, Lisa took another potter around the town on the bike and finished up with coffee in the sunshine outside a café. Just perfect 🙂

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