ABBA in Llandudno – Alice By Bike Adventure (Part 1)

I’m sure you’ve seen some of the Alice in Wonderland themed sculptures around Llandudno but did you know that there is an Alice Trail to explore throughout the town?

I picked up an Alice Trail map (available from the Tourist Information Centre or Bishpots Pantri), hopped on a bike and headed off on my first Alice By Bike Adventure which I have affectionately named ABBA 🙂

From the shop in St George’s Place I pedalled off along the promenade to find the Mad Hatter bathing in spring sunshine.

He’s quite a popular chap and my lovely bike had to queue to get a picture taken with him!



With my photo finally taken I scooted off along the promenade to The Imperial Hotel and headed off down Vaughan Street to North Western Gardens where I found the March Hare looking rather dapper.

He has huge feet you know! 😮



Next stop was to see the leading lady herself, Alice.

Just a short bunny hop away from the March Hare Alice towers above the pavement opposite Llandudno railway station;

She must be quite a sight for visitors arriving by train!



The Queen of Hearts was next on my list so I wheeled away down Augusta Street and Madoc Street, across Lloyd Street and along Chapel Street.

I turned left onto Gloddaeth Street and there she was in all of her scary splendour! 😮



Time for some tranquillity I thought so I twiddled off along Gloddaeth Street and North Parade to Happy Valley to find some friendlier characters 🙂

The path up to the Cheshire Cat is a little steeper so it’s a good excuse to take a break and a seat: A traditional park bench or the pine cone variety, you choose.




My next stop in Happy Valley is the Bookworm.

The view of the pier and the bay from here is just stunning! Oh, you can’t see it? Oh well, you will just have to head there and see for yourself! 😀



The little white rabbit is another friendly face popping out in Happy Valley



Hiding in the woods above Happy Valley you’ll find a right royal place to sit and plan the next part of your Alice By Bike Adventure aka ABBA 🙂


There’s so much more of the Alice Trail to explore so until the next time……







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