My Bikes

Electric or eclectic  – Which will you choose?
I have ex-hire electric bikes and an eclectic selection of standard, non-electric bikes available for sale:

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes look just like a standard bike with suspension forks, gears, mudguards and a kick stand. The difference is the electric power! 🙂

The power-assisted bikes provide that extra bit of push you need to get you up hills – including the stunning Great Orme which really boosts your confidence. As a result your bike ride is much more enjoyable, more relaxing, and you still get the benefits of having done some exercise.

I have different types of ex-hire electric bike available for sale all of which provide a high quality and comfortable riding experience.

Front-wheel Motor: EBCO UCL30/UCR30 

These EBCO bikes with a front wheel motor are available to hire in both ‘step-through’ and ‘cross bar’ frames.

The EBCO bikes (cross-bar bike pictured below) have 26″ wheels



The power assisted front wheel motor operates in three modes: eco, normal and hill climb! Used with the gears the bike can be cycled with ease on the flat or around hilly terrain.

Mid-drive Motor: Raleigh Captus Electric Bike

The Raleigh Captus uses the Bosch mid-drive motor to provide the correct level of assisted pedalling. Riders can select from Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo riding modes depending on the terrain and their ability.


The electric bikes are 46cm/18″ (step through models) and 48cm/19″ (cross bar models) and can be adjusted to cater for people between 152cm –  188cm (5′ – 6′ 2″) in height.

The battery can assist you for up to 40 miles (depending on terrain) which is plenty for a half day or full day hire.

Head out on an electric bike adventure and find your electric smile 🙂

Eclectic Bikes

If you prefer to ride under your own steam try a bike from my eclectic selection of standard bikes.

Bobbin town bikes

My Bobbin Beat and Bobbin Brownie bikes are aimed at recapturing the magic and excitement of your first bike ride!

The Bobbin Beat is a stylish ride with a retro feel, it features a slim steel frame, sprung saddle, chain guard, mud guards and 7 gears to get you over a few lumps and bumps. The 52cm/20.5″ frame is suitable for riders from 167.5cm to 183cm (5’6″ to 6′). Bobbin_Beat

The Bobbin Brownie is a classic ladies bike with swept back handle bars, a sprung saddle and 7 easy-to-use gears. The 40cm/16″ frame is suitable for riders from 152.5cm (5′) to 167.5cm (5′ 6″). A perfect ride for cruising the promenade and getting around town.


You will fall in love riding a Bobbin town bike 🙂

Raleigh Hybrid Bikes

Would you prefer a few more gears? A hybrid (a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike) could be just what you need! The Dawes Mojave and Raleigh Pioneer hybrid bikes with lightweight frames, comfortable saddles and 21 gears are just what you need for a more adventurous ride.

These are great bikes for riding around town, around the Great Orme and as far as your legs can carry you.


Raleigh Pioneers are available in a range of sizes with either a cross-bar or step-through frame:

Cross-bar Raleigh Pioneers are available in the following size:  48cm/19″ and are suitable for riders from 160 to 188cm  (5’4″ to 6’0″)



Step-through Raleigh Pioneers are available in the following sizes: 38cm/15″ and 46cm/18″ and are suitable for riders from 147 to 162cm (4’10” to 5’10”).




Who can resist a ride on an iconic Raleigh Chopper? This favourite from the 1970s has been updated and returned ! 😀

This new, limited edition, classically styled machine with a 14″ frame (in ‘Llandudno Bike Hire colour’) and 6 gears is suitable for both big and little kids 😉



The awesome 18 speed Raleigh Bedlam 24 offers the perfect way to travel. The 24″ wheeled-bike is suitable for children aged 7 years and over.



The 6 speed Raleigh Zero 20 is a lightweight, fast flying machine. The 20″ wheeled-bike is suitable for children aged 6 years and over.



The sturdy 6 speed Raleigh MX16 is designed to make sparks fly. The 16″ wheeled-bike is suitable for children aged 5 years and upwards.



Toddlers and younger children can enjoy the scenery from the comfort of a trailer being towed by one of the Dawes hybrid bikes.  Suitable for one or two children over 18 months old.



Young, novice riders can pedal too! The single speed ‘tag-a-long’ can be attached to the back of an adult bike. Suitable for 4 to 7/8 year olds.